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Why Choose Us?

Our well-rehearsed and efficient methods allow us to cover a large amount of subject matter in a short amount of time, with the emphasis on building up from the basics.

A paint job consists of multiple aspects and need to work in sync together. Our focus is to concentrate on these certain individual aspects and practice you to  develop your painting skill before you developed your potential.

'Realistic training in a realistic setting with realistic results'

So, before you spend £35,000 on a franchise or £1500 on learning how to fix a scuff, paint wheels, or enrol in a course based on certain products or brands, consider us.


Cover it all in just one course?

“A proficient painter/repairer will have the ability to apply their skills to all aspects of the trade.”

   Dent Repairs,      Plastic /Fibreglass,

Smart repairs,     Custom Painting,

Airbrushing,     Wheel painting,

      Bicycle painting,     Welding/Patch repairs,


Why choose a course that selects only a few of these when you can cover it all..........


Our training is designed with the beginner in mind, but it also applies to those who are self-taught or under-trained. Our focus is on hand skills and comprehension in order to acquire versatility and the ability to see the broader picture, not only focusing on isolated topics


You will work in a dedicated area designed purely for training within a fully functional and versatile body shop. This helps us to provide a realistic and real-time training experience, which a classroom environment cannot give you. Depending on the order of the day, you will be able to witness the work and day-to-day running of our shop, which is vital for anybody wanting to set up their own business.


Much thought has gone into our setup. Each student, a maximum of 4, is provided with their own purpose-built, fully equipped work station with every tool they need to be self-contained. Each station also benefits from its own dust extraction for tools and air ventilation, as well as an integrated wet sanding bay. Once reversed, the benches support a full mig welding set up for our welding and patch repairs course.



Our main focus is on training. We are an independent body shop and training facility. Although not without offers, we do not accept corporate sponsorships or try to sell our pupils on certain brands. You'll be taught on a combination of top-of-the-line and budget-friendly equipment to suit your pocket for your own set-up. Although we have a shop, it is independent from the training centre and might be handy for anyone looking for assistance in starting their own workshop.



Our commitment has been unrivalled throughout the years. Because we do not consider our training days to be 9-5, it is not uncommon to still be training late into the evening, though some days are more intense than others. The pinnacle of our commitment comes in the last two days of the 11-day course, when a full custom paint job is accomplished in only two days. It is not uncommon to be painting well into the morning. Our current record is at 03:50 hrs. Students make the most of this experience, but if this is not for you, don’t worry as this can be adjusted to suit.



We understand the real training starts after you have left us so we always make ourselves available for any help or advice you may need after the course for as long as needed.


We also give students the option of returning to be refreshed on some fundamental aspects of their training and to ask questions to help them get a head start. We don't stop what we're doing, whether we're teaching or working on projects, because this isn't a full-fledged training day. However, staying in the background while painting, asking questions, and playing with some panels might be beneficial.


We are a private and independent medium-sized paint shop, with a more personal and human approach to training, with a small team taking on everything from a minor scratch to a full custom paint job or restoration. Basically everything we teach. Between us, we can claim qualifications in teaching, painting, welding, and vehicle engineering, but we can also boast of having 25 years of time-served shop floor experience and 30 years of teaching. We are also a down-to-earth and friendly team with high levels of patience.

We believe that, as a team, we are very personable, and we will make every effort to ensure that you have a pleasant time while training with us. Being close to the attractive and ancient town of Richmond, which serves as the gateway to the north Yorkshire dales, provides plenty of opportunities to explore and dine during your time off from training.

If you can find a more comprehensive and value for money package anywhere on the planet, let us know and we'll gladly give you your training for free.

Meet The Team


Level 5  assessor/lecturer
Veh body repairs
Award winning custom painter
Military career


Owner, head instructor and painter. Responsible for all training and paint work.

Bike nut


level 3 welder (eal)
level 3 light vehicle maintenance (imi)




level 5 Instruction, Coaching & Mentoring.
Military Career


Painter, Instructor & Graphics Specialist.

Bike nut 


Mechanic, painter, metal fabricator and instructor

Car nut

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