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4 Day Beginners Airbrushing & Custom painting

During this time, we'll try to finish as many different custom paint and airbrush methods as we can with one overall paint job.

To produce a comprehensive bespoke project, custom painting and airbrushing need a variety of unique and distinct skills. Each approach presented has its own benefits and may be used to achieve any paint project you choose to tackle.


Subjects covered and practiced:

  • Freehand and stencil airbrushing techniques

  • Airbrush selection and maintenance

  • Pearls, metallic's and solid colours

  • Metal flakes

  • Marbling

  • Candy colours

  • Pinstriping

  • Free hand brush pinstriping

  • Laying graphics

  • How to use a spray gun

  • Paint mixing

  • Basic preparation

  • Lacquering (Clear Coat)

  • Sanding techniques

Course Price; £500  excl VAT
                                 (£600 including VAT)