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4 Day Beginners Airbrushing & Custom painting

Eight different paint jobs and twenty different techniques in one piece of work.

Custom painting and airbrushing require a variety of unique and distinct skills. Each approach presented has its own benefits and may be used to achieve any paint project you choose to tackle.

Lots of other courses on the market teaching only 1 or 2 styles leads to nowhere for beginners, irrespective of how trendy they may look.

We also believe the process of custom painting is just as important as the artwork, so during your time with us you will experience two lacquer and sanding sessions to understand how to get your work free from paint edges, as all true professional paint jobs should be.

Please have a look in our student gallery at some of the custom paint our students achieve in a short space of time

Subjects covered and practiced:

  • Freehand and stencil airbrushing techniques

  • Airbrush selection and maintenance

  • Pearls, metallic's and solid colours

  • Metal flakes

  • Marbling

  • Candy colours

  • Pinstriping

  • Free hand brush pinstriping

  • Laying graphics

  • How to use a spray gun

  • Paint mixing

  • Basic preparation

  • Lacquering (Clear Coat)

  • Sanding techniques


     To name just a few​

Course Price; £650  excl VAT
                                 (£780 including VAT)

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