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Courses we offer


4 Day Patch Repair & Welding:


Our 4-day training course has been designed and fine-tuned to remove the mystery from welding and patch repairs, giving you the confidence and ability to take on that project or repair on your own. Also, for current body shops who wish to improve their services.


5 Day Prep, Repair & Paint:

This training is for individuals who want to paint and repair in a more conventional  manner without the custom. You don't need to look any further. This course covers it all, from a stone chip to a full respray. With our back to basics approach,  we will take you through the full process.

11 Day Conventional & Custom Paint:


This is the ultimate of paint courses. combining conventional and custom paint and repairs  in one sitting. This is the most complete, unrivalled course anywhere on the planet. A combination of our 5 day conventional and 4 day custom courses with many extras, including the experience of a real-time custom paint job from start to finish.

4 Day Beginners Airbrushing & Custom painting:


This is a high pace on the job course. An all in one, 1 stop shop custom painting experience.

Focusing primarily on techniques that lead to the bigger picture of the custom world. Our 4-day course  covers many applications in a well-structured and achievable package. So, whatever look you want to achieve, you'll find it in this course, along with a lot more.

We also have 1 day crash courses available:

This day is for people that wish to brush up on existing skills or wish to learn one specific skill set. On a one-to-one basis you get our time, our knowledge and use of our facilities for one full day.

1  To 1  Or Bespoke Training courses

We can offer 1 to 1 training for our 5 day Prep, Repair and Paint course only.

There are obvious benefits to this course and having the training facilities to yourself will guarantee more available hands on and practice time, with less distractions.

Although this course is based on the same training programme as the 5 day course, we also have the flexibility to tailor the course to suit your specific needs, with prior arrangement.

''Often imitated never bettered ''

I have worked in the top of the Automotive industry and Motor sport industry for 20 years, this is the best training I have ever had.

The most impressive thing that stands out is how hard Mick works to make sure you get everything you need from the course. You train in a real world bodyshop environment, and everything is related to how you would use your new skills to do conventional and customers work. All of the mystery and costs are stripped away from the world of custom paint, leaving Mick to teach you core skills that will enable you to do any job, to show standards, without the need for expensive equipment and paints. A great deal of thought, effort and experience has been put into the course structure and Mick's teaching methods.

I recommend the 11 day course to anyone interested in conventional and custom paint, although I only went on the course to paint my own projects, the course left me with the confidence to set up my own bodyshop in the future and tackle any job that could come through the door.

Mick with Jen's help puts up a fun environment for you to work in, with lots of banter and before you know it, its the end of the day and you can airbrush! Not only will you learn everything you ever wanted to learn about conventional and custom paint, you will also really enjoy your time at the Autopaint Training Centre.

Lee Giles - 05/10/2015

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